November 2021 Newsletter

Fall is in full swing! Getting excited for pumpkin pie and turkey or is that just us?! Also 2021 is almost over (what?!) Here is what is in this month's issue:

  • November Birthday (just one!)

  • Student of the month

  • Article: 9 ways to improve your playing without touching your instrument.

  • Fanny and Felix’s Follies



Somehow we only have one very special birthday this month! Happy Birthday Tudor!!!! Hope it is a wonderful one!


Huan Zhang

1. City and state currently residing?

I live in Sugar Land, Texas!

2. What are you playing/working on right now?

Currently, I am working on a piece with my trio. We are playing a song called Allegro Giocoso e Semplice by Sergey Taneyev. I am also in the process of learning new music for our school’s winter concert. So far, we are going to perform the second and third movements of Aus Holbergs Zeit by Edvard Grieg and Danse Negre by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.

3. When did you start in SSS?

I joined Sesek String Studio this year in August!

4. What drew you to the violin?

I decided to start playing the violin mainly because it was the instrument my older brother was playing. However, my brother’s influence wasn’t the same reason why I never gave up playing the violin. After being a part of an orchestra for almost five years, I realized that being surrounded by more advanced people is fueling my desire to improve. I enjoy the feeling of having input in a large ensemble, which makes me want to continue practicing and learning. I believe what draws me most to the violin, and string instruments, in general, is how they can stand out both individually and amongst a crowd. I don’t need to be a soloist to be able to be heard.

5. What is your favorite musical experience to date?

My favorite musical experience to this day was when my orchestra, Philharmonic, performed a song with our school’s top orchestra, Honors! We played Orawa by Wojciech Kilar, and although we only rehearsed with the Honors orchestra twice, our performance was still really cool. I still recall hearing someone exclaiming how it was the coolest orchestra performance they heard that day! I think it was exciting because the sound we were able to produce was something I never thought I’d be a part of making.

6. In what other activities do you participate?

I am also an artist, so I have joined clubs like NAHS (National Art Honor Society). Drawing is my other biggest hobby, as I’ve been teaching myself how to paint and sketch for many years now. I hope to expand on this hobby because I can see myself doing something art-related in the future.

7. Any other tidbits about yourself that you want others to know?

I’ve always wanted a pet, so I’m excited that I will soon be able to house a betta in the tank that I’ve been working hard on to improve!