January 2022 Newsletter

Happy 2022 everyone! It's a new year which means new beginnings. Did any of you make any resolutions? Perhaps to practice more?! That's always a good one! We are particularly excited to feature our first adult student as student of the month! She think she is super cool and we know you will agree :) Here is what we have for our January issue:

  • January Birthdays

  • Student of the Month- Jennifer Leland

  • Welcome to our new students!

  • Paint the Music Premiere

  • The Sešeks perform with the Mercury Chamber Orchestra

  • February 2022 Practice Challenge!

  • Fanny and Felix's Follies



It’s the beginning of a new year and let’s celebrate those born in the first month! Let’s wish our January friends a very happy birthday!

Stefan C.

Lena C.

Justina S.

Krishna S.

Welcome to our new students!

We have A LOT of new students we would like to welcome to the Sešek String Studio. This is a great community of strings enthusiasts, and we can tell you that good things are sure to come!

Claire D.

Sarah L.

Haolei F.

Tobi A.

Justina S.

Mishal A.

Krishna S.

Gopal S.

Aryan P.

Suhani S.

Student of the Month

Jennifer Leland

City and state currently residing? Seattle, WA

What are you playing/working on right now? W. F. Bach viola duets, Max Reger Suite #1 in g minor, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, and Marić for an upcoming Seattle Philharmonic concert. When did you start in SSS? October 2017 [OMG Amber, it's been that long?!] What drew you to the viola? I started in 6th grade as part of a public school program, and after I'd already played piano for a few years. Viola (and violists) just seemed a little out of the ordinary and in demand, and then I totally fell for that one of a kind viola sound (magical!). What is your favorite musical experience to date? So hard to pick! In recent years, hearing Dudamel conduct the Rite of Spring with the LA Phil at the Disney Concert Hall in LA was phenomenal. Being able to perform at Benaroya Hall with the Seattle Philharmonic is a total treat too, and I really like the camaraderie in our big viola section. What do you do for a living? Senior Project Manager for Inclusive Design at Starbucks Coffee Company. Basically I work closely with customers and employees with different types of disabilities to figure out how to design Starbucks stores, digital tools, and equipment to be more usable for more people. In what other activities do you participate? Travel - especially international travel and visiting my 3 nieces - is the other thing I spend most of my free time doing. Any other tidbits about yourself that you want others to know? I have a great dog named Leo (husky) who keeps me company when I'm practicing.