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February 2021 Newsletter

February Birthdays

Let's wish our Sešek String Studio friends a


Gemma K.

Ankang L.

Mica W.

Youngmin L.

Vanessa L.


Student of the Month

Athena Wong

Every month we feature a different SSS student. It’s not an easy decision since all of you are doing a wonderful job! Chosen SOTM's recieve a prize for being selected.

Age: 9

Instrument: Violin

What repertoire are you playing right now?

The Boy Paganini by Edward Mollenhauer

When did you start in SSS?

About 3.5 years ago

What drew you to the violin?

My mom plays the violin and viola and I wanted to play too.

What is your favorite musical experience to date?

I enjoyed SYSO music camp a few years ago

In what other activities to you participate?

I currently don't participate in any other activities.

Anyother tidbits you want us to know?

I like to read a lot. I enjoy arts and crafts too!


Ask the Sešeks

Do you have a question that you would like us to answer?We want to hear from you! We are startinga new column in the newsletter that answers YOUR questions about the wonderful world of violin and viola playing. Simply send us an email at and your question will be featured in an upcoming newsletter!


February Practice Challenge

Don't forget! From February 1st-28th, we are offering our first SSS practice challenge! This is an opportunity to give it your all for one (short) month! With fresh repertoire following the recital, we hope you are all chomping at the bit!! Here are the rules:

  • Practice as much as you can in 28 days! Even if you only have 5 minutes, make those 5 minutes count. We know it's tough! It wouldn't be a challenge otherwise!

  • Fill out our SSS Practice Challenge Chart weekly and send to The practice challenge charts are .

  • If you are 17 or under, a parent needs to sign your practice chart.

Students will be judged on:

1. The amount of time and effort logged

2. The quality of their work in relation

to their current playing ability, and

3. Improvements demonstrated in the


There will be one grand prize winner and an honorable mention. The winners will be announced in the March newsletter, so you gotta check it out to see if you are our winner!


2020/2021 Recital Prize Winners

Thank you to all the students for WONDERFUL Winter Recital programs! We are very proud of the work you all have done! We wanted to acknowledge our winners.

1st Recital Winners

1st prize

Kabir S.- $50

Runner up

Jayden C.- $25

Vanessa L. $25


Check out Miss Amber

Miss Amber, (Also known as Dr. Archibald-Sešek outside the studio), is excited to announce two big events coming up.

April 14-Masterclass for NYU violists

Miss Amber has been invited to give a masterclass to the violists studying at New York University. Stephanie Baer, professor of viola at NYU has been kind enough to open up the virtual masterclass to our studio as well. If you are interested in pursuing the viola at the college level, this could be a great opportunity to meet a wonderful professor and hear what the expectations are for the college level.One catch: It's at 7:20 am! Because of the time zones, it's an early one, but it will be totally worth it. Link to come via email for those interested.

April 22nd- Byron Schenkman and Friends Chamber Music Concert

Miss Amber has been excited about this event for a long time! Originally scheduled to perform in Nordstrom Hall at Benaroya, due to COVID, the concert will be prerecorded. Miss Amber will be playing Schumann Märchenbilder with one of the premier harpsichordists and pianists in the United States, Byron Schenkman. The premiere will be April 22nd. Premiere specifics to follow.

We hope you will join in supporting Miss Amber. Again, more details to come as the dates get closer!


Fanny and Felix's Follies

Well, the Poodlessohns are starting to settle in together. Just like the color of their coats, they could not be more opposite! We thought it would be a hoot to give you some insight into their personalities.


Nicknames: Fancy Pants, Fanster Gangster

Personality: Confident, quiet, aloof at times, not the best listener, a real princess, prancer, dainty but messy eater, neat drinker, takes treats gently, loves meeting new people and dogs, lounging and laziness are her specialty.


Nicknames: Feliciano, Mr. Piddles

Personality: Timid, barker, very attentive and sweet, listens to every word, messy drinker, neat but rushed eater, you might be missing a finger after treats, not trusting of people or dogs at first, goofy, wants to get into everything.

As we said, black and white! We are looking forward to how Felix changes as he grows up and matures. Wish us luck as we traverse puppyhood for a second time in a year!

Welcome New Students

We are so excited to welcome new students this Winter. Please join us in welcoming

Ankang L.

Delana I.

Jason S.

Mary N.

Patrick C.

Tell Your Friends and Family

Help spread the word about our studio!

If you refer a friend, and they sign up for lessons, you receive $80 OFF your next month! Just be sure they include your name when they sign up! (One name per referral.)

Referrals are UNLIMITED!!!

By the way, we ALWAYS appreciate Google reviews.


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